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Top class Robots

We are using the professional robots to double your bitcoin in 5 powerful data centers because of large number of transactions.

Complete control

After your Bitcoin deposits you will be redirected to your control panel to check your investment details in progress.

Instant payouts

All payouts to investors are almost instantly depends on each plan and they are all automatically by our robots.

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Bitcoin Doubling Plans

Small Plan
BTC(0.001 - 0.0099)73 TH/s Doubling Power
6 Hours
16 Times Bitcoin Doubling
Doubling Fee
Doubling Control Panel
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Medium Plan
BTC(0.010 - 0.049)2300 TH/s Doubling Power
6 Hours
128 Times Bitcoin Doubling
%0.1 Doubling Fee Applies
Doubling Control Panel
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Professional Plan
BTC(0.05 - 0.1)5500 TH/s Doubling Power
6 Hours
256 Times Bitcoin Doubling
%0.2 Doubling Fee Applies
Doubling Control Panel
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Find a plan that is right for you and start Doubling BTC in just 6 hours by our professional autonomous robot.

Why to choose us?

  • Trusted Bitcoin Investment platform with fully automated payouts
  • Receive your double Bitcoins in 6 hours
  • Only 0.001 BTC minimum investment limits
  • Easy to use interface for both new and experienced investors
  • Track your investment with our dynamic doubling control panel
  • CDN powered website with SSL security and DDoS protection
  • 100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail

Double Bitcoin

Doubling your bitcoin balance has never been easier than right now. By depositing funds to DoubleBTC, anyone can double their balance with relative ease. All it takes is one bitcoin transactions and 6 hours of patience to see twice your original value returned to you. Things don’t get much easier than that, as DoubleBTC is all about generating passive income for every investor.Anyone who has ever wanted to make money with bitcoin should take advantage of this golden opportunity. DoubleBTC guarantees to double your money in 6 hours in a completely passive manner. Investment opportunities like these only come around once in a lifetime.