Welcome! We’re Double BTC, a team of friendly and enthusiastic people and professional Robots, working together to offer you the best financial solution possible. Here you can read more about Double BTC Company.

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Like most things in life, we started by realising the solution to a problem. Back in 2017, it was hard to make lots of Bitcoin transactions to increse number of blocks for getting confirmations and doubling bitcoin amounts somewhere you trusted. We have studied the Bitcoin marketplace very closely, as well as other digital currencies, and we have build Robots with AI (Artificial Intelligence). We have also created a database with all the trading volumes available on digital currencies and which is updated daily, allowing the Robots to spot different patterns in price movement. Having more BTC involved in our investments would allow us to get a higher return on investments for us and for investors.That is why we have launched this website, where you can make an investment, and we will give you the best interest rate.

Enter Double BTC. From day one, our aim has been to make Bitcoin interest quick and easy for people around the world.

Calling the UAE our home, we’ve made huge strides to build trust in the Bitcoin industry. From working extensively on Bitcoin regulation to educating people from all walks of life through the media, public talks, and more.

After attracting global attention in 2017, Bitcoin has become a household name with more interest in the digital currency than ever before. Don’t worry though, we come to work every day ready to cut through the confusion around double Bitcoin, making it accessible for anyone and everyone who wants to be involved.

Double BTC Company is one of the leading bitcoin investment sites in the world, offering the best investment plans in every range – for newcomers, interested home miners, as well as large scale investors. Our mission is to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone.

We provide a multi-algorithm, multi-coin cloud Doubling service using the latest technology – without any pool fees. The ultimate goal of our existence is to make double bitcoins an easy, smart and rewarding experience for all. Our services already attracted more than 1.000.000 people – We’d be happy to serve you as well!

doublebtc.company is a fully automated bitcoin investment platform operating with professional Robots, aside from regular server maintenance. Take full advantage of our powerful and high frequency investment platform. Our automated system gathers information from the blockchain transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges to study and predict the bitcoin price, our servers open and close thousands of transactions per minute, analyzing the price difference and transaction fees, and use that information to generate profit. Our data centers are located on multiple locations around the world to make sure that our system has 100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail.

Double BTC company

Doubling your bitcoin balance has never been easier than right now. By depositing funds to DoubleBTC, anyone can double their balance with relative ease. All it takes is one bitcoin transactions and 6 hours of patience to see twice your original value returned to you. Things don’t get much easier than that, as DoubleBTC is all about generating passive income for every investor.Anyone who has ever wanted to make money with bitcoin should take advantage of this golden opportunity. DoubleBTC guarantees to double your money in 6 hours in a completely passive manner. Investment opportunities like these only come around once in a lifetime.

At DoubleBTC everything is automated. We are using fast and reliable VPS Cloud Hosting so our server can handle everything, so there are no delays in our system. we are using a strong DDoS Protection. Global CDN Acceleration. Web Application Firewall + Certified SSL certificate for secure connection to our website.