Today, Double BTC uses some of the largest data centers in the world. the company operates at least five major cryptocurrency trading robots installations located in Los Angeles, New York, London, Moscow, and Tokyo.

A lot of startups begin life with one idea then pivot to another, but not many have had as interesting a journey as Double BTC. Founded 2017.

Let’s start from the top: Double BTC is an UAE company dedicated to trade cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. That means that private customers deposit Bitcoins, then operate trading hardware at the company’s data centers.

The first generation trading was, well, a little artisanal, Sprung admits. “From a classical data center point of view, you might find it unprofessional, but this off-the-shelf hardware it allowed us to quickly get it started and open up those first small data centers.” The team quickly realized the potential and was soon building custom-designed bitcoin trading hardware with their own server nodes designed for that purpose. Today, Double BTC has a completely vertically integrated supply chain, manufacturing their gear in UAE. They get their own GPUs with custom tweaks and modifications as needed, making them one of the top customers of both AMD and NVIDIA.

They operate on a huge scale. Double BTC started out in 2017 with 2,000 customers, Sprung says those numbers “have really exploded” to roughly one million customers in 2019. Double BTC operates data centers in 5 countries around the world, totaling up to more than a million GPUs for doubling.

Sprung offered a look inside the Moscow data center, dubbed the Enigma, where 5-6,000 GPUs operate. “The style of deployment and the setup are a bit unconventional from a data center point of view but it’s very functional,” he says, adding that an extremely high energy density allows it to operate this way. “It has come a long way from the garage with the GPUs blackened to a motherboard,” he notes. The facility does not have storage nodes or management nodes but they, too, are in the works.